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~Heather Ann~

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The True Reason For The Season


As we come into the Christmas season we have so many things on our mind.  We are concerned with what we want, giving the perfect gift, making the perfect Christmas dinner, our families coming from afar, and the list goes on as you well know.  We consume ourselves with these things to the point that Christmas has become a dreaded hassle more than a joyous occasion.  I think sometimes we forget the true meaning of Christmas and where it all began.  It began with a Saviour, sent by God, being born into the world in order to bring  joy, and hope, and peace, and love, and the best of all, a Saviour that would live and die, and live again, so that the world may live for eternity with him in Heaven.

Jesus Christ came into this world as the perfect gift for all.  You can’t get a more perfect gift, and you can’t give a more perfect gift.  Yet, you still look for gifts in the worldly ways. Jesus Christ brought the most perfect of gifts when he came into this world.  Gifts you cannot find in the world, only within him.  Without Jesus Christ the world would have no Christmas.  Could you imagine a world with no Christmas?  He came into this world with the intent for everyday to be Christmas. Is the Christmas season not to be about love, peace, and joy?  Isn’t that what Jesus wanted for everybody, everyday of the year?  The gifts that Jesus Christ brought with him were gifts to last a lifetime.  They will not rust, they will not tarnish, or crumble, but they will stand strong without diminish for a lifetime.  They were gifts that one can give to another over and over again and never run out.  They were priceless gifts.  Gifts that money could never buy.

I have often wondered what Jesus is thinking when he see’s Santa Clause taking his place.  Is he sad, is he angry, is he hurt?  I don’t think so.  Jesus loves to see us happy, especially the little ones.  I think a figurative, jolly, happy old man bringing  joy to little children makes Jesus very happy.  I do however believe that once a child is old enough, they too should know the true reason for the season.  You don’t have to take Santa Clause out of it to let them know it all started with Jesus Christ, and it is Jesus Christ that Christmas is all about.  There are many different stories about how Santa Clause came to be.  Historically, I do believe him to have once been a real person that God gave a special heart to for the children and God used him to put glowing smiles on all of their little faces.

The true reason for the season dates back over two-thousand years ago to the night our Saviour, the Son of God was born.  The gifts he brought with him are the gifts he intended us to have, and the ones he intended us to give.  It doesn’t matter how flashy or pretty your gift is, or how much it put you in debt.  It truly doesn’t matter.  The gifts you give from your heart are the ones that will last a lifetime and are the ones that will always be remembered with a joyous, and loving heart.  Those are the gifts that matter.  Those are the gifts that last a lifetime, the same gifts that Jesus brought to us on that very first Christmas two-thousand and fourteen years ago.

This year I hope we can all remember and appreciate the first Christmas and the love, and joy, and the peace that came with him.  I hope we can continue to spread his priceless gifts to others.  Above all the gifts money can buy, I wish you Joy, I wish you Peace, and above all I wish you Love.  God Bless you all, and Merry Christmas.

~Heather Ann~

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Love Your Enemies


Do you see that billboard sign above you?  Do you see what it says?  Sounds like a pretty simple command.  Right?  Who do you consider your neighbors though?  The ones that live closest to you?  The ones that live next door to you, or across the street from you?  In the sense of the neighbors that live around us, we generally get along with them.   So how hard should it be to love our neighbors?  Seems pretty simple.  Right?  Well, what if the meaning of neighbors was far greater than you ever imagined?  What if the term neighbor, in which God speaks of is not just the person next door, or just the person across the street?  What if your neighbors were the whole world?  You laugh, but it’s true.  We are all neighbors in this world, and that is who God is commanding us to love.  Doesn’t seem so simple anymore, does it?  How can we love the whole world?  Even more, and you might want to brace yourself for this one.  We are to love our enemies.  Those people who hurt us, those that purposely set out to destroy us, the ones that stop at nothing to beat you down, and have.  Now, you have a command on your hands that seems impossible.  How can you love someone who wants nothing more than to tear you to shreds?  It’s just not possible.  No, for us it is not possible, but Jesus told us in Matthew 19;26 (NIV)  Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  God did not give us a command we could not keep.  He gave us a command knowing we could keep it through him.

We are told over and over in the gospels to love our enemies, and to forgive our enemies.  Why is it so important to God that we should love, or even forgive our enemies?  Why does God want us to love people who hurt us?  Those questions can be summed up by asking yourself these questions:  Have you ever caused pain, either intentional, or unintentional?  Have you ever been somebody’s enemy, and if so, has God not forgiven you?  Of course he has forgiven you, even when you did not ask for forgiveness.   God has loved you, and he has forgiven you, even when you have walked against him.  Is that not the same that your enemies do to you?  Do they not walk against you?  Forgive them, the way God has forgiven you.  Love them the way God has loved you.

Are we not all God’s children?  The good and the bad.  There is just as much hope in an evil person as there is in a good person.  God loved you when you were unloveable, and he forgave you when you were unforgivable.  So it is only fitting that we love the unloveable, and we forgive the unforgivable.  Loving, and forgiving does not mean that we have to become best friends.  It simply means you are making the choice to get rid of the contemptment you carry in your heart, and you have chosen to look at your enemies through the eyes of God, your father, rather than your own.

What if we forgive our enemies and they continue to hurt us?  Well then, have you truly forgiven them?  Sometimes we say we forgive, but we really don’t.  Have you prayed that God will help you forgive them?  Are you still holding resentment in your heart?  Are you trying to forgive, but the contentment in your heart wont allow you to.  Pray, pray that God will take that contemptment away so you can forgive.  It may take time, but at least you and God are working together with it, therefore, it will happen!  You know you have given true forgiveness when you can barely remember the wrong doing that you are forgiving.  So when your enemies continue to hurt you after you have forgiven them, you are now able to pray for them.  They have been forgiven, and because of that forgiveness, you now have a love for them.  The pains they cause can no longer settle in your heart, because your heart has forgiven them, and they become effortless.  You can now pray for your enemies with a loving and forgiving heart, and because you have forgiven, God now forgives the contemptment you held in your heart.

‘Like how God just slides that in there.  You had no idea you were in the wrong,  you had no idea, you needed forgiveness too, did you.  Well, you did.  You have been holding your enemy prisoner in your heart, not only was it tearing you apart, it was also separating you, and your enemy from God.

We have one major enemy we should never try to love nor forgive, and that is Satan. When you consider your enemies attacking you, realize, it is actually Satan working through them to break you down, to cause you to feel iniquity, and contemptment.  It is not your enemy he wants, it is you he wants, and if you break, and give in and let contemptment take over your heart, then Satan has won.  Your enemy is just a ploy, just a tool used to bring you to the true enemy.  Love and forgiveness overcomes the true enemy.  If you keep loving and forgiving his ploys he will soon run out of tools.

We have looked at many reasons to love your enemies, but I want to include one last reason.  Your enemies may or may not be believers of God.  If they are, possibly they have lost sight of God, and they need help being shown the way back.  The only way to help bring them back is through love.  If your enemy is an unbeleiver, it is direly more important to love them.  What better way to show them God’s love than to love them with God’s love.  You may be the only love and forgiveness your enemy is ever shown.  Never pass up the opportunity to love someone, especially your enemies.  I leave you with a passage of verses from:

Matthew 5;43-48 (NIV)

43: You have heard that it was said, Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.  44: But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45: that you may be sons of  your Father in heaven.  He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.  46: If you love those who love you, what reward will you get?  Are not even the tax collectors doing that?  47: and if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others?  Do not even pagans do that?  48: Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

~Heather Ann~


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Life As An Ocean

waves and tides



The waves crash  in, and the tides move out

The golden rise of the sun over the horizon begins to glisten over the calm

A fresh ray of possibilities sheds it light

A new life being born with the crash of every wave

Begging to be lived as the tide runs away with it

Determined, the waves come back, stronger, and larger than the first

Relentlessly, the tide pulls them out again and again

Curiously, you take hold of the next wave

The tide catches you with the wave

You ride the wave anywhere the tide pleases

You have given new life to a crashing wave begging to be lived

You have lived the waves

You have journeyed the tides

The soft, warm sun begins to set with even more beautiful hues than the rise

The waves safely carry you back as the tides grow weary from their journey

You kiss the ocean goodnight

There will be more waves and life tomorrow

There will be more tides and journeys tomorrow

For each new day brings new waves and new tides

~Heather Ann~




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Holding Hope In A Dark World

faith_hope_loveLately it seems as though the world has just lost it’s mind, doesn’t it?  I mean it just seems as though the world has become cold, and cruel, and heartless.  Where is the love? So hard to find, and what about faith and hope?  These things were here before, where did they go, and who, or what, took them? Are they really gone, or just seemingly so? Has the worlds darkness and coldness taken them away?  Can we get them back, and bring light and warmth back to this cold and dark world?  Can we turn back the clocks, and change our world?

My friend, faith, hope, and love resides in you.  It has not left you, nor this world unless you have kicked it out of your life.  Darkness tries to cover your heart, the more you allow it to do so, the less room you have for the light.  We have more darkness in our world than we probably ever have.  We see and hear things in the media every time we turn around, and with each sadness or disgust, slowly our hope, and faith begin to diminish, and darkness moves in.  Don’t you see it’s a battle?  It is the biggest spiritual battle this world has ever seen, or at least in my lifetime.  The enemy is not coming at the world all at once.  He has really thought this one out.  He is coming slowly, one by one.  He is using the media, people in our lives, our constitutional rights, and the most horrific, he is using our own hearts against us.  He doesn’t come all at once, he very slowly, inches his way in, and you are left wondering what happened.  You never saw it coming, and you didn’t even know it was happening within your own heart.

The more we fall into his trap and play his game, the more ground he gains within us and others.  So, can he be stopped?  Can we win this battle?  The answer, my friend, is yes, by all means.  If we don’t give the enemy any ground to step on, he will be defeated.  Don’t give the enemy a foothold on your heart.  Keep him out of your mind, and your heart.  Hold  onto your light and block him with it, don’t let him in.

So how do we keep our hope, our love , and faith then?  Simply by trusting in your Saviour who died on the cross to give you all of those things.  You can trust in Jesus Christ with all your soul, that does not mean you will not be attacked, and that’s ok, because God has got his hand in the entire battle, and though you may fall, God will always pull you back up.   So while for a time in the battle the enemy may for a time cover the gifts your Saviour died to give you, he cannot take them away.  It became so much easier when I realized, the enemy can cause pain in my life, but just like his promises all being empty, so are his battles.  He can’t kill me, he can’t take my life, and he can’t take my soul.  I know that because God simply wont allow it, and I know that from Job 1;12 (concerning Job) The Lord said to Satan “Very well then, everything he has is in your hands, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.”  See Satan can come at us with everything he has but he cannot harm us, he can only bring us down by worldly things.  Job kept his faith through his entire battle.  Everything he had was ripped from him, he lost everything, but he kept his faith.  When it was all over God blessed the last part of Job’s life more than the first.  I don’t know ’bout you but I have never heard of an easy battle of any sort.  This is a hard sad world we live in, but that is just it, we live in it.  It is not our permanent home.  We are in this world, but we are not of this world.

I am recalling the movie “The Never Ending Story”, if I recall correctly, it was about a spiritual battle, the boy was fighting this thing called “the nothing”.  The nothing caused sadness, to the point of killing all living things.  Look at our world, does it not look like our world?  The enemy uses the sadness you feel to break your hope.  Your hope is a gift from God, so he can’t take it from you, however; he can cover it for a time, Don’t let him break your faith enough to take your hope.

My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29;11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not harm you, Plans to give you hope and a future.  When I recall this verse I am reminded of my hope.  I am also reminded God’s in total control, his plans are already set for me, so I don’t have to worry.  God is telling us in this verse he wants us to have hope.  So how do we get our hope back and change our world?  We put our faith in God our Father, and in Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and one by one, inch by inch the same way our hope was covered, is the same way it will shine again.

 If we are not the light in the world, then who will be?  Who can you count on to bring light and warmth to this world?  Only the Father can do that, but he gave us candles, each and every one of us.  We need to keep them lit.  If it’s light burns out how will people know where to find the hope, the love, and the faith?  We are to be God’s light in this dark world, if your candle burns out and it cannot be re-lit, someone else with a lit candle can help you re-light yours.  Keep your flames burning, and one by one, inch by inch through Jesus Christ we will bring hope, light, and warmth back to this world.

~Heather Ann~


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Peace and Peace

What is the first thing you think of when you think of peace?  How do you come about obtaining peace?  More often than not, you probably think of an escape, away from the kids, or work, or just the craziness of life.  You probably think of escaping the world to a peaceful tropical beach somewhere, or deep in the woods with nature, or maybe it’s as simple as a candlelit bubble bath.  Have you ever considered God’s peace?  Have you ever considered how God’s peace differs from ours?  Did you even know that God’s definition of peace was different from ours?  Yes, God’s  peace is much different from what we consider to be peace.   God’s peace is not an escape, yet is just as lovely as an escape.


See, the problem with viewing peace as an escape, is that, you still have to come back to the real world.  For a time, we are totally relaxed, and enjoying ourselves.  Then we come back and the same issues we escaped, are right there waiting for us.  God’s peace is perfect, without escaping.  Now, you may be thinking, well that vacation in the Bahamas, or that camping trip without any pressures really sounded good.  Well what if you could have even more peace than an escape without even leaving your current situation.  It’s actually very simple.  Through faith and trust in God.


Through faith and trust in God, we are trusting in him, and counting on him to take care of our worries and stresses.  In trusting him, and having faith, we are able to hand our worries and stresses to God.  Doing so allows us freedom, and it allows us freedom while we are still in our circumstance.  Also because we have learned to trust and have faith in God, that peace never leaves us.  When the next circumstance arises we keep that same faith and trust, and we release our circumstance to God once again.  I like to think of it as a child and a parent.  I take my own children, for instance; they overhear things, and they know things are not exactly right, but never do they worry.  They trust you, as the parent.  Haven’t you always taken care of them?  Of course you have, and that is why they trust you.  No matter the situation they are happy.  You may have bare cupboards, and cry over not knowing what to feed your children that night, but you come up with something, or a friend, or a neighbor brings dinner to your door.  You have always provided, right?  So your children trust you, never do they worry like we do.  They have always been taken care of, so there is no doubt in their minds that they wont be taken care of.  That is the way we should look to our Father in Heaven.


God, our Father in Heaven has never left us, nor has he ever neglected us, and he promises he never will.  God will not take our circumstances away from us, but he will give us the peace to deal with them.  Real, true, and honest peace can only come from God.  God’s peace allows you to deal with situations without worry, without stress.  All you need to do is hand it over to God and have faith, he will gladly take all the worries and stress away from you.  All you have to do is be like a little child.  Just as a child knows his parents will take care of things, we must know that our Father in Heaven will take care of things for us.  Although we remain in the situation, when we give it to God, he in turn gives us his peace.  God will use, and handle the situation as he see’s fit, and you just have to roll with the punches; so to say.


Understand God has it all under control, he always has.  You just have to let it go.  Now, how does it sound to have peace from above, the only true peace?  If you could go through life just trusting that God will take care of everything if you just give him your trust and faith, you would have more peace than you could ever imagine.  Then when you will not feel like escaping the world anymore, and when you do want a vacation, it wont be an escape, it will be a fun-filled enjoyable adventure.


God put you on this earth for a reason, and he does not want you to feel like you need to escape it.  God wants you to enjoy your life, and have peace in your life, among many other glorious gifts.  Peace is a free gift offered up by God, just trust him and he will give it to you abundantly.

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No Fear

You pray to God, but, you fear that he does not love you anymore for the sin that you have done.

You pray to God, but, you fear that he is not listening.

You pray to God for others that need healing, but, you fear they will not heal.

You fear for your wrong doing, you will be punished.

You fear to pray.

You fear to listen.

God says : “Do Not Fear.”

~Brianna Isabel~

This is a poem written by my 10-year-old daughter, Brianna Isabel.  She brought it to me, and asked me to read it.  My heart sank as I read the words she wrote, and how well she wrote them.  She has always liked to write, but in this poem I am seeing her passion, the same passion, I  her mother has for writing, and I am so proud.  I believe you just may see her name in print one of these days as well. (-:

~Heather Ann~

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The Road

So many roads we travel in this life.  All the twists, turns, and U-Turns we have made.  We have made it down so many only to come to a dead-end.  We have tripped, and stumbled.  We have grown tired and weary.  We keep looking for the right road, the road our Lord is on.  We search and search.  For a time, things are good, and we think, this is it, this is the road, I finally found it, Jesus is on this road.  Then things start to go wrong.  How can that be, you think?  I was on the right road to Jesus, I was so sure of it.  You realize, you have strayed off of the straight and narrow.  You took a fork in the road, and you realize you have lost sight of your father, and you have found yourself lost on yet  another rollercoaster road of life.


Many times we start the road with Jesus, that is when things are going good.  Along the way, like a child in a toy store, we find all kinds of eye candy we need to stop and check out.  If we are not careful, we will get sucked in, and follow many other things that are pleasing to our eyes and ears.  We buy into those things, and we are happy for a time, and we thank God that he brought us to such glorious, beautiful things.  Soon things start to go wrong.  The eye candy has raised our bills, and now we receive a pay-cut, or loss of hours at work.  Now we must work another job, and struggle to keep what was so enticing to us.  Our children, and our marriages suffer the lack of us, for our time has gone to work to pay for what looked so appealing to us.  Where has Jesus gone?  He was just right here, I was on his road, and he gave me what appealed to me. Why is he letting it all fall apart?  Where is he, now that it’s all gone bad?


My friend, Jesus has never left you.  You, strayed from him, through Satan’s eye candy he puts along the way.  You see, Satan is not allowed on God’s road, but, Satan has many, many side roads off to the side of God’s road.  He has stands set up, like a swap meet off the road.  Stands that offer beauty, and dreams, things in this world you have wanted, maybe even some you have been needing.  Do you now also see Satan’s deception, and how his promises are empty.  Everything Satan has to offer will cause destruction at some point, and it usually does not take long.  So far, he has given you your desire, but now he has taken you away from your family, your finances, and if  you’re not careful, he will even divide your family completely.


My friend, Jesus, your deliverer, he waits on the straight and narrow, right where you left him.  He stands there awaiting your return.  You need to go back down that road you strayed upon.  This time, though, it will not seem so pleasing.  Satan will try to stop you, he will throw more desires and empty promises at you as you try to leave.  You see, he knows he has lost if you get off of his road.  He doesn’t want to lose you.  He feeds on your misery.  He feeds on every pain you endure.  Once on Satan’s road, you will stumble, and you will fall, but get back up and run, run my friend, Jesus waits for you.


I tell you these things, because I myself, have just found this to be true.  For the first time in my life I am on an unfamiliar road.  I am one that has always fallen to Satan’s temptation, thinking it was Jesus.  It doesn’t mean I didn’t know Jesus, and it doesn’t mean you don’t either.  As christian’s we fall, but Jesus picks us back up, and that is not to be taken for granted though.  Recently, this unfamiliar road I am finding myself on is one that is smooth, there are no rocks to stumble upon.  It is as smooth as glass, as if I am just gliding along.  Jesus is with me, leading me.  I do not know where we are going.  I do not worry about where we are going.  Satan’s swap meet along the side of the road, has a lot of offers.  For the first time in my life I am in no hurry.  I have checked into a couple of the offers, but none appeal to me.  Jesus is leading me, and where he takes me is where my heart is set.  For the first time in my life, the road is smooth, and gentle.  It is not tiresome, it is not hurried.  My friend this is the road Jesus is on, and this is the road we want to follow him on.  The road Jesus walks has no twists and turns, it has no ups and downs, it has nothing for you to stumble and fall upon.  It is very straight, and it is very narrow.  This my friend is how you know you are on the road with Jesus.  He’s waiting there for you, so make that U-turn and meet him there on the straight and narrow.

~Heather Ann~



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Who I Am In; Life, Love, & A World of Fearless Dreams

Life, is an abundant gift

Live life to the fullest

Through Jesus Christ, your abundant life was given

Through Jesus Christ, your life will be lived to the fullest

Love, is a powerful gift

Love has the power to bless your life

Love has the power to destroy your life

Through Jesus Christ, love has been poured upon your life

The world, is an oddly place

A place where free will roams

Free will brings beauty, and, horror

Free will brings love, and, hate

For every good, there is a bad

For every bad, there is a good

In this world, I have a dream

A dream from heaven above

A dream to see all people come to the cross at the feet of Jesus Christ himself

In this world, I have no fear

Fear, has no place in my life

Fear, has no place in my love

Fear, has no place in my dreams

Fear, has no place in this world

Fear, does not come from Jesus Christ

Fear, I will leave at the foot of the door

I accept what is good

I leave what is bad

I am a daughter of the most high king

I am a liver of life

I am a lover of Jesus Christ

I am in this world

I am not of this world

I am a fearless dreamer

I am a child of God


~Heather Ann~



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Hello and Welcome

my hairLove From Heaven 2014 was created with you, the viewer in mind, with inspiration to bless you with each visit.  Please feel free to like, comment, and share what inspires you.  I welcome your conversations, and feedback.  If you leave me a comment, I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

I blog about God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the son, and the Holy Spirit from a biblical perspective.  I use scriptures to prove my points.  I beleive in all three, and I beleive in the trinity, and I beleive.  At times I will have random thoughts come across my mind.  I turn those random thoughts into poems, and under the category “Poems” is where you will find my many random thoughts.  Under the category, Stories, is where you will find a world of christian based imagination.  Be alert, as what you read there, may simply be a short story, or you may possibly be reading the very rough draft of the first chapter, in an upcoming novel I plan to publish.

It is my desire that you enjoy each and every visit, and that you leave here feeling refreshed, inspired, and in some instances, possibly even mesmerized.  Please enjoy your time here as I so enjoy your company.  (-:


~Heather Ann~

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