The True Reason For The Season


As we come into the Christmas season we have so many things on our mind.  We are concerned with what we want, giving the perfect gift, making the perfect Christmas dinner, our families coming from afar, and the list goes on as you well know.  We consume ourselves with these things to the point that Christmas has become a dreaded hassle more than a joyous occasion.  I think sometimes we forget the true meaning of Christmas and where it all began.  It began with a Saviour, sent by God, being born into the world in order to bring  joy, and hope, and peace, and love, and the best of all, a Saviour that would live and die, and live again, so that the world may live for eternity with him in Heaven.

Jesus Christ came into this world as the perfect gift for all.  You can’t get a more perfect gift, and you can’t give a more perfect gift.  Yet, you still look for gifts in the worldly ways. Jesus Christ brought the most perfect of gifts when he came into this world.  Gifts you cannot find in the world, only within him.  Without Jesus Christ the world would have no Christmas.  Could you imagine a world with no Christmas?  He came into this world with the intent for everyday to be Christmas. Is the Christmas season not to be about love, peace, and joy?  Isn’t that what Jesus wanted for everybody, everyday of the year?  The gifts that Jesus Christ brought with him were gifts to last a lifetime.  They will not rust, they will not tarnish, or crumble, but they will stand strong without diminish for a lifetime.  They were gifts that one can give to another over and over again and never run out.  They were priceless gifts.  Gifts that money could never buy.

I have often wondered what Jesus is thinking when he see’s Santa Clause taking his place.  Is he sad, is he angry, is he hurt?  I don’t think so.  Jesus loves to see us happy, especially the little ones.  I think a figurative, jolly, happy old man bringing  joy to little children makes Jesus very happy.  I do however believe that once a child is old enough, they too should know the true reason for the season.  You don’t have to take Santa Clause out of it to let them know it all started with Jesus Christ, and it is Jesus Christ that Christmas is all about.  There are many different stories about how Santa Clause came to be.  Historically, I do believe him to have once been a real person that God gave a special heart to for the children and God used him to put glowing smiles on all of their little faces.

The true reason for the season dates back over two-thousand years ago to the night our Saviour, the Son of God was born.  The gifts he brought with him are the gifts he intended us to have, and the ones he intended us to give.  It doesn’t matter how flashy or pretty your gift is, or how much it put you in debt.  It truly doesn’t matter.  The gifts you give from your heart are the ones that will last a lifetime and are the ones that will always be remembered with a joyous, and loving heart.  Those are the gifts that matter.  Those are the gifts that last a lifetime, the same gifts that Jesus brought to us on that very first Christmas two-thousand and fourteen years ago.

This year I hope we can all remember and appreciate the first Christmas and the love, and joy, and the peace that came with him.  I hope we can continue to spread his priceless gifts to others.  Above all the gifts money can buy, I wish you Joy, I wish you Peace, and above all I wish you Love.  God Bless you all, and Merry Christmas.

~Heather Ann~


About Sage Rain

Hi there, I am a spiritualist, an energy healer, empath, intuitive, mystic and of course a blogger.
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