Hello and Welcome

my hairLove From Heaven 2014 was created with you, the viewer in mind, with inspiration to bless you with each visit.  Please feel free to like, comment, and share what inspires you.  I welcome your conversations, and feedback.  If you leave me a comment, I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

I blog about God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the son, and the Holy Spirit from a biblical perspective.  I use scriptures to prove my points.  I beleive in all three, and I beleive in the trinity, and I beleive.  At times I will have random thoughts come across my mind.  I turn those random thoughts into poems, and under the category “Poems” is where you will find my many random thoughts.  Under the category, Stories, is where you will find a world of christian based imagination.  Be alert, as what you read there, may simply be a short story, or you may possibly be reading the very rough draft of the first chapter, in an upcoming novel I plan to publish.

It is my desire that you enjoy each and every visit, and that you leave here feeling refreshed, inspired, and in some instances, possibly even mesmerized.  Please enjoy your time here as I so enjoy your company.  (-:


~Heather Ann~


About Sage Rain

Hi there, I am a spiritualist, an energy healer, empath, intuitive, mystic and of course a blogger.
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2 Responses to Hello and Welcome

  1. gimpyvicki says:

    Looking forward to reading all of your work when you get ready to post them, good luck in your new venture


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