Peace and Peace

What is the first thing you think of when you think of peace?  How do you come about obtaining peace?  More often than not, you probably think of an escape, away from the kids, or work, or just the craziness of life.  You probably think of escaping the world to a peaceful tropical beach somewhere, or deep in the woods with nature, or maybe it’s as simple as a candlelit bubble bath.  Have you ever considered God’s peace?  Have you ever considered how God’s peace differs from ours?  Did you even know that God’s definition of peace was different from ours?  Yes, God’s  peace is much different from what we consider to be peace.   God’s peace is not an escape, yet is just as lovely as an escape.


See, the problem with viewing peace as an escape, is that, you still have to come back to the real world.  For a time, we are totally relaxed, and enjoying ourselves.  Then we come back and the same issues we escaped, are right there waiting for us.  God’s peace is perfect, without escaping.  Now, you may be thinking, well that vacation in the Bahamas, or that camping trip without any pressures really sounded good.  Well what if you could have even more peace than an escape without even leaving your current situation.  It’s actually very simple.  Through faith and trust in God.


Through faith and trust in God, we are trusting in him, and counting on him to take care of our worries and stresses.  In trusting him, and having faith, we are able to hand our worries and stresses to God.  Doing so allows us freedom, and it allows us freedom while we are still in our circumstance.  Also because we have learned to trust and have faith in God, that peace never leaves us.  When the next circumstance arises we keep that same faith and trust, and we release our circumstance to God once again.  I like to think of it as a child and a parent.  I take my own children, for instance; they overhear things, and they know things are not exactly right, but never do they worry.  They trust you, as the parent.  Haven’t you always taken care of them?  Of course you have, and that is why they trust you.  No matter the situation they are happy.  You may have bare cupboards, and cry over not knowing what to feed your children that night, but you come up with something, or a friend, or a neighbor brings dinner to your door.  You have always provided, right?  So your children trust you, never do they worry like we do.  They have always been taken care of, so there is no doubt in their minds that they wont be taken care of.  That is the way we should look to our Father in Heaven.


God, our Father in Heaven has never left us, nor has he ever neglected us, and he promises he never will.  God will not take our circumstances away from us, but he will give us the peace to deal with them.  Real, true, and honest peace can only come from God.  God’s peace allows you to deal with situations without worry, without stress.  All you need to do is hand it over to God and have faith, he will gladly take all the worries and stress away from you.  All you have to do is be like a little child.  Just as a child knows his parents will take care of things, we must know that our Father in Heaven will take care of things for us.  Although we remain in the situation, when we give it to God, he in turn gives us his peace.  God will use, and handle the situation as he see’s fit, and you just have to roll with the punches; so to say.


Understand God has it all under control, he always has.  You just have to let it go.  Now, how does it sound to have peace from above, the only true peace?  If you could go through life just trusting that God will take care of everything if you just give him your trust and faith, you would have more peace than you could ever imagine.  Then when you will not feel like escaping the world anymore, and when you do want a vacation, it wont be an escape, it will be a fun-filled enjoyable adventure.


God put you on this earth for a reason, and he does not want you to feel like you need to escape it.  God wants you to enjoy your life, and have peace in your life, among many other glorious gifts.  Peace is a free gift offered up by God, just trust him and he will give it to you abundantly.


About Sage Rain

Hi there, I am a spiritualist, an energy healer, empath, intuitive, mystic and of course a blogger.
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