You Are Special: Isaiah 41;8-10


     Have you ever really wondered how special you truely are?  Yes, You!  Did you know it was you, that was personally hand picked by God himself?  He has watched you grow, he has watched you and he has walked your every step with you, good and bad.  He stood beside you during not just your best times, but also your worst as well.  He witnessed the good and the bad of you.  Yet still, though the good and the bad, he picked you out of all the quad-trillion people on this earth.  It was you he wanted, he called for you by name.  My dear, you are loved far more than you could ever image.

     He wants you for his servant.  Now to be a servant of God is not the way we would think.  We hear the word servant and immediately we think; maid, slave, ect.  That is not so in this case, to be a servant of God is of the highest honor.  We cannot even begin to fathom all of the love God has for us, however; just think for a moment, think of all the love you could ever hold, now give all of that love away to anyone, and everyone you come across.  Have you exhausted all that love yet?  No you haven’t.  You have not exhausted it because you are now a servant of God.  God takes care of his servants, and he equips his servants.  As a servant you will never run out of love, you will never run low, not even by an ounce.  It is an ever flowing spring of love.  God’s love is too great for you to hold that you must share it.  To accept and share God’s love is the most amazing, wonderful blessing, as is to be a servant of God, and God chose you, you were chosen to be God’s servant.
     God said he chose you, and he has not rejected you.  Not once has he ever rejected you.  He was always with you, always walking right beside you.  Because he loves YOU.  God is with you, so there is no need to fear.  He promises to strengthen you, and help you.  He will make you strong, and he will be there to guide you along the way.  The Lord your God will never leave you.  God wants you, you are his special chosen one for his specific will.  Out of all those in the world, out of all those God created, he wants you, he created you for a specific purpose far different than any other person on this earth, and God has called you.  The Lord your God promises to hold you up in his righteous right hand and give you strength and help.  You are his and he honors you with his love for you are his special chosen one.  God, the one we honor, the one for which we are all unworhty of honor from, he honors us.  He honors you with his love.  My dear, you are pretty special (-:
~Heather Ann~.

About Sage Rain

Hi there, I am a spiritualist, an energy healer, empath, intuitive, mystic and of course a blogger.
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