Faith: Matthew 8;5-13

     What does faith mean to you?  Where does your faith come from?  How deep does your faith run?  When trouble comes, do you cling to your faith, or do you rely on your own understanding?  In my opinion, faith is something we are born with.  When you look at a little child, there is minimal fear.  They have complete trust.  They believe everything you tell them for the simple fact that you told them so.  A child has just come from God’s hands of creation where that child has only been shown love, truth, honesty, faithfulness, and purity.  Then the child is put into this world, and for a few years the child holds onto all of the things he felt in the hands of God as he was being created.  As the years pass the child begins to lose, and forget the things God created him with, because he sees the world, and he sees the world does not possess the things God created him with.  If we as parents do our jobs correctly and keep our children in faith, love, honesty, and truth, and most importantly, keep God both in our homes and outside our homes then our children will be able to keep the things that God hand created them with.

     All through the bible we read of men and women with great and deep faiths.  One of which is a centurion from Capernaum that we read about in Matthew 8;5-13.  When Jesus entered Capernaum, the centurion came to him and asked for healing for his servant who was paralyzed and suffering.  Jesus said he would go and heal the servant, but the centurion knew he was not worthy to have a man such as Jesus enter his home. With soldiers and servants under him, the centurion admits that he, himself is also a man under authority. This man, the centurion, knowing full well he was not worthy, and deserved nothing from Jesus, still believed Jesus would help him.  Because he believed, and because he didn’t just hope, but he truely believed in his heart that Jesus would heal his servant, Jesus did.
     Faith is not just a hope.  Faith is believing with your whole heart.  Hope is the beginning of faith.  If you have hope, you can have faith.  Faith comes from the strongest hopes and desires within your heart.  Faith is not just believing, faith is knowing from the depths of your soul.  God gives us our faith.  Without God, you will have no hope and no faith.  You may think you do, but it will only be a false hope leading to no faith. Your faith must come from God alone, if not, then your faith and hope is only a lie that misleads you down a long road leading to empty promises.  Your faith can run as deep as you allow it.  Faith takes time to build. It is not something that happens overnight, and it is something that you never stop building on.  The more and more you build on your faith, then the more and more you come to see God’s great and awesome love for you, and just how deep his love really is for you.  Faith is something that cannot be seen, so when we are in trouble our first instinct is to turn to the things of the world that we can see.  The problem with that is, though we see worldly things, things of the world lie and deceive us.  We have been shown over and over that things of the world fail us.  The one true thing that has never failed us is the one which we do not see, God himself.  If we put our faith in God, he will never fail us, his promises are full and abundant, he will never lie, nor deceive us.
    The things of this earth will not save you, but Jesus will.  You must put your faith in the Lord above and he will bless you beyond measure.  He loves you far more than you can imagine, and he wants to do great things for you, and he will.  You are his child, and he will give you the desires of your heart if you just trust him.  Trust your father with your life, for he created your life, you are his masterpiece, he will not fail you.  Have faith and be blessed, my dear friend.
     ~Heather Ann~

About Sage Rain

Hi there, I am a spiritualist, an energy healer, empath, intuitive, mystic and of course a blogger.
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