How many things you have searched answers for
Where do you search
Here on earth
Have you found your answers
You search here and you search there
So many unanswered
You have searched from the east to the west and from west to east
You have searched from north to south and from south to north
You have searched in material dwellings
You have searched in other human and non-human lifeforms
You search and search in everything and everyone under the sun
You have searched long and hard
You have grown tired weary
Your search has changed you from who you once were
Your search has taken you away from you
In your search you have found the answer
You cling tight and you run to your answer
Over time your answer dwindles and fades
Your answer has betrayed you
Your answer admits it’s lies
Your answer was never really your answer
My friend, your only true answer will come from the Lord above
Your answer is true and holy
Your answer may not come in your time
Yet you will find your answer in God’s time
Your father in heaven holds your answers
How long will you search this earth for fools gold
When your God in heaven holds solid gold

~Heather Ann~

About Sage Rain

Hi there, I am a spiritualist, an energy healer, empath, intuitive, mystic and of course a blogger.
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